Delicacies of taste and passion

A palatte made to delight

Restaurant and Coffee Bar

It is easy to get swept away by the huge variety and enticing aromas of Indian cuisine. Each of India’s states have distinct specialties, with their own flavour and cooking techniques passed down from generation to generation.

Let our chefs pamper you by putting together a meal of your choice that reflects the local cuisine. At The Singge Palace Hotels & Resorts, our chefs can suggest selections highlighting the country’s culinary traditions that suit your own taste buds. If it is international cuisine you’re after, you need not worry. Our chefs can offer a variety of cuisines, again based on what you crave that day. The choices are endless.

Mouth watering cuisines from all over the world come together here to create this aromatic bouquet of flavors. Our all day dining offers a wide variety of great choices of mesmerizing Mediterranean, subtle Continental, aromatic Oriental and scintillating Pan-Asian cuisines to choose from and savor. The menu is so designed as it would take your palate on a culinary sojourn of luscious flavors and mouth watering aromas.

We take care of everyone’s palate and have a specially designed buffet for our young guests with loads of child friendly dishes in this unique menu. It is all accentuated by our courteous and friendly staff that is alert and dedicated to the comfort of our young diners.